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Information you will need and/or find helpful for your work in my class can be found on this site. Everything from assignments, important dates, class syllabus, detail about the works we will be studying, upcoming events, and other course-related news will be kept here and updated regularly.

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Literary Devices
Check this site for help on literary devices as you work on annotating the assigned poems and other literary works.

Wilfred Owen Poetry
Links to additional information relevant to WWI poetry have been added to "Links and Resources" section of the World War I Poetry unit. In other words, click on UNITS in the menu, click on the WWI Poetry unit and access the links and resources section there.

Afternoon IOCs during the break
Please note that if your IOC is scheduled for 12:30 or later during the break, you should not arrive early to school. I will not be able to leave ongoing IOCs to open the front door. View the IOC Schedule during the break.

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Finish reading "All My Sons"
Finish reading the play; read the Introduction and take notes.
Due date: February 24, 2020

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